aileen_aboutI dont know myself. I do not want to be somebody except to be nothing. No religion, no race, no personality, but just be. However, in the planet where I happen to have a physical body requires many things to “be” this and that. In order to survive, I am forced to be the things which I am not. Thus, I suffer immensely. I am looking for ways in which I can live as naturally as possible. Extreme Inequality breaks my heart.  I try to be a good example eventhough I have horrible qualities. I try to acknowledge it, in order to embrace the wonderful side. My mind is always floating somewhere in a dimension where I believe unity is felt more than where I am now. I do believe there is Divine Love that encompasses us all. This is where all of us came from. Maybe we have just forgotten how wonderful we are. Deep inside, I admire everyone including places, animals, and plants eventhough I rarely say it. Usually I stare at them in awe, while no one realizes that something wonderful happens inside of me. The experiences I had with them gives me inspiration and lessons either in amazing or painful way. I prefer to let others shine and express their feelings to me because this is how I learn. And its important in discovering who I really am.

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