07th Feb 2013

What is a dream?

Half of the reason why people submit himself in an employment system is because he has to pay the bills - electricity, phone, insurance, mortgage, etc and while sustaining all of that monthly, he has a dream, a target, a goal.

11th Jan 2013

I left my 1,000 dollar camera in a taxi

We reached the park, got out of the taxi. As me and my girlfriend started walking, I suddenly remembered the camera. There is absolutely no weight on my shoulder so I searched for the bag. Its not there!

29th Dec 2012

I met an incredible person

In front of me seated a man whom I believe was colleague of the groom. He got up together with the other people beside him to get some starters from the buffet. Meanwhile, another person sat in his chair so when he came back, he has to find another seat which is empty. So he sat beside me. Little did I know that this is going to be another breakthrough in my awareness.