11th May 2013

Tree comforted my broken heart

Suddenly, I felt something the moment I held on to it. It's so subtle but remarkable enough not to notice. When I held on to that tree,

09th Feb 2013

‘My Name Interpretation in Hieroglypic

While looking for authentic egyptian souvenirs, we passed by a booth that say something like "Write your name in Hieroglypic". I have never done something like that so of course I am immediately

07th Feb 2013

What is a dream?

Half of the reason why people submit himself in an employment system is because he has to pay the bills - electricity, phone, insurance, mortgage, etc and while sustaining all of that monthly, he has a dream, a target, a goal.

19th Nov 2012

Sleeping is my most favorite activity

I always dream. Every single night, or day. I saw many versions of me there. Many personalities that are quite close and sometimes totally far from my personality here.