09th Jul 2016

Stand for Change

“Stand for Change” Oringal composition By Aileen This is a work in progress. I am looking for musicians to enhance the guitar or instrumental part of the composition. Please do...

09th Jul 2016

Much More

. Music & Lyrics by Casmusapa Vocals by Christopher V. Comstock and Aileen Well I’m a rebel and I Sing about revolution Our minds and our environments are Filled with...

09th Jul 2016

Time Spell

. Lyrics and Music by Christopher V. Comstock Vocals by Christopher V. Comstock and Aileen   There is no time That we can find Left it behind Now is our...

17th Oct 2013

Soundtrack for Beauty in Darkness

Below are few of the soundtrack I composed for Beauty in Darkness Movie. I am no musician at all but a software helped me