Here is my first film, a short documentary movie called “Beauty in Darkness”. Click poster to watch full movie for free.

Beauty in Darkness Poster 720

Beauty in Darkness is a documentary collection of four short stories portraying difficult situations that people in Gumaca are suffering from, a typical scenario of a dark reality occurring in different parts of the world. It is in the most challenging situations that the intangible is hardest to spot or recognize. However, the people in the movie demonstrate that beautiful qualities are truly inherent in people despite the darkness.


The second documentary I am working on is called “Beloved” . These are true to life success stories of former red light district workers in different parts of the Philippines. The women have now transitioned to decent jobs, happy family and peaceful life away from the dark dungeons of the clubs and the streets through the loving assistance of Kalinga Ministry – Philippines. This is quite a powerful and unforgettable piece I have worked on.

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