Why I shop at thrift shops

A few years ago, I was unaware of the child labor and suicides that’s been happening in huge factories in many countries. I still do have those clothes which I bought as brand new. But recently I discovered that children as young as five years old are forced to work in factories and many adult laborers commit suicide due to suffering and debt.

There are things I cannot live without, honestly speaking. I need computers, dslr camera and a mobile because of its effectiveness in the work that I do. They are made by the same laborers I talked about. But one aspect of my life which I can live without, hopefully is fashion. Being hooked with the latest trend and branded clothes is not my thing anyway. Branded items do not appeal to me unless in case I happen to be a personal friend of the designer. So I figured, this is one thing I can contribute to lessen child labor even if its just on a personal, minute level.

So most of my clothes now are either second hand or given by friends when they want to let go of their wardrobe. I cannot promise not to buy brand new because there are circumstances that are inevitable especially when its winter and I needed something immediate to warm my body. But I have not bought one so far in a couple of years If I’m not mistaken.

It is our social responsibility to take care of each other. We ask why life is unfair and other people suffer. On a subliminal level, we agreed and tolerate it without even realizing it.


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